The Tories have made the toilet closures as part of their controversial cost-cutting budget, which will also see the loss of seven council staff.

But residents and charity groups have slammed the plan.

Fleet Lions member Howard Dixon has fired off a letter to Stephen Parker, the Hart cabinet member in charge of the closures.

“I must protest in the strongest manner and urge you and your colleagues to reverse the decision,” wrote Mr Dixon.

Fleet Lions stages a number of charity fundraising events throughout the year in the Victoria Road car park but they could be put in jeopardy if the nearby toilets are demolished.

“We have up to a thousand motorcyclists and spectators attend a classic motorcycle rally and as the organisers who are there all day, what are we to do?” asked Mr Dixon.

“We have many thousands of people attend the annual fireworks fiesta as well as several hundred family members who take part in our sponsored cycle rides from the Views.

“Will the council provide portable toilets at no charge for these events because if we have to provide them it will make the events non-sustainable. Have you considered such ramifications?”

Mr Dixon said shoppers in the town centre would feel the wider impact of the toilet closures.

“Senior citizens, children and pregnant women will be badly affected,” he warned.

“It will have a serious effect on the attraction of the town and customers with a choice will go elsewhere.

“The provision of toilet facilities should be a civic right and no level of cost cutting can justify their removal.”

Former Hart Council chairman Peter Shoesmith has also attacked the proposal.

He asked a question at the last Hart full council meeting after reading the ruling Conservative group had planned various service cuts in the budget to reduce Hart’s council tax precept increase to 2.5%.

“It was stated by Cllr Parker that there were adequate alternative facilities in Fleet,” said Mr Shoesmith.

“I find this to be very retrograde and entirely unacceptable.

“It will be exceedingly inconvenient and embarrassing to many people, including the elderly, young children and expectant mothers.

“Hygiene in this day and age is of prime importance, together with the comfort and convenience of residents.

“While Hart’s public conveniences may not be the most modern, they serve an essential purpose, in strategic positions.

“In Fleet, the only public convenience that the council can direct people to is in the Harlington Centre.

“I understand that not only will the public toilets close in April, but that demolition will also start then.

“There are signs as we enter Fleet.

“Should a notice be appended to them saying ‘Beware, Public Conveniences Closed’?”