When Tom Frosdick went to clear out a stream, he didn't intend going fishing.

But Tom got a bite all right - this large pike bit his finger and drew blood!

Tom, from Fleet, is a pupil at the town's Calthorpe Park School and this school year has been spending every Friday working with the ranger at Fleet Pond as part of a work related curriculum.

He set out to help clear debris from a stream when he saw a large "log" - which he then saw was a pike which appeared lifeless in the shallow water.

The 16 year old got permission to prod it to see if it was alive- at which point the pike confirmed that it was very much alive and thrashing and not in a very good temper, which it proved by taking a bite out of Tom.

After the pike calmed down Tom was able to seize it and pose for this picture before releasing it into safer, deeper water at the pond.

This week Tom was busy with exams at Calthorpe: he later hopes to go to college and learn land management, as well as fish management!