SEVERAL Conservative councillors have launched a scathing attack on builders Barratts, who want to build 139 houses in the grounds of the old Manor Park School, Aldershot - more recently a technical college annexe.

Coun.David Clifford said: "We are appalled at the strong arm tactics Barratts are using to not only destroy an important conservation area but also bulldoze their way through the planning process."

Fellow councillor Eddie Poole said: "Unlike the Labour councillors who recently called residents ‘a bunch of Nimbys', I support local residents and think this application is a disgraceful act of suburban vandalism."

County Councillor Roger Kimber added: "I am very disappointed an education facility has now left the site."

Coun. David Welch said:"I think the building should be restricted to the area of the original footprint of the school, but knowing what Barratts paid for the site, I am sure they will try to get as much development as possible."