People living in an ‘average’ home will have to fork out an extra £135.52 a year as their bills rocket to £1,102.42 from April 1.

The 14% overall increase is largely due to Hampshire County Council and the police authority, who have both made large increases in their shares of the bill.

The county share has shot up by £109.89 to £844.56 while the police authority’s demand has gone up by £22.14 to £97.29.

Hart Council has put up its share by £2.88 to £117.96, while the special expense demand for people living in Fleet and Church Crookham has risen by 61p to £42.61.

Hart’s share of the budget was set on Thursday during a lively meeting in which the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats exchanged heated words across the council chamber.

Cllr Lorraine Fullbrook, the cabinet member for finance who presented the Tory-backed budget, said the 2.5% increase was the lowest district council tax increase in Hampshire and one of the lowest in the country.

She said £100,000 had been earmarked to fight planning appeals and inquiries, while the council will save more than £100,000 by spending minimum amounts on meeting government targets, such as full colour glossy Best Value reports costing £28 a copy.

There will also be an increase in development control enforcement staff and staff salaries will be pegged to the 4.4% increase agreed with Unison by the government.

The Tories will increase communication with residents by sending four copies of Hart News a year to each home, which will incorporate many of the reports the government insists the council publishes.

There will also be a reorganisation of the council’s concessionary travel scheme to allow for the introduction of a flexible bus service targeted to those who need it.

But the Liberal Democrats hit back, calling for 12 items totalling £350,200 to be put back into the budget.

They included £14,100 on recycling, £89,000 on concessionary travel, £20,400 on the council’s out of hours noise service, £11,000 on open space maintenance and £105,000 on Hart leisure.

Liberal Democrat Robert Harward said: “If all these cuts were reinstated we would be talking about pennies. Is it worth all the pain for something so tiny?”

Cllr David Simpson emphasised that Fleet and Church Crookham residents were facing a 14% total council tax increase this year because of the Tory-controlled Hampshire County Council and the police authority as well as Hart Council.

“Hampshire are crucifying us,” said Cllr Simpson.

“They are putting £14million of our money into their reserves and the Conservatives on Hart are putting £77,000 in reserves. Why are you cutting when you don’t need to make cuts? It really is leaving a sour taste in the mouths of the staff, who know the facts.”

However the Liberal Democrats amendment was lost and the Conservatives’ 2.5% increase budget was approved.