Fleet independent councillor Denis Gotel, elected because of his battle to get a Fleet relief road built, and his opposition to the Tory-built chicanes in Elvetham Road, is being given a rough ride by the "Tory Boys" now in charge.

Denis's letter outlining the latest attempts to keep him off every outside body in the town is printed alongside on Page 8 and below- and reveals further disgusting abuses of power.

A cocky, if misspelled, statement after the recent elections, from Coun. Mark Fullbrook, put the best spin on things, but it didn't make much of the fact that the new Tory machine is so "popular" that it came within 19 votes of losing true blue Fleet North. As this includes up market estates like Elvetham Heath and Ancells Farm, the Conservatives would seem less than loved by many who watch their antics with contempt.

So far their big idea has been to shut down all the public toilets, thus at a stroke losing the votes of all those with prostate problems! They claim to have backtracked on this, but funds have not been allocated for running the loos for most of the year, so they could still shut in July.

Mr. Fullbrook, on the council for at least five minutes, dares to criticise Peter Carr, a terrific ex-councillor who has given 15 years of his life to serving Fleet on the council, as detailed in our story last week.

The "Dogmersfield Mafia" which temporarily runs Hart had better watch out. This tiny hamlet has three Cabinet members on Hart, while Fleet itself has just two! The fact that they appear to know little of the area and understand its politics even less comes across loud and clear with everything they say and do, like their hilarious picture opportunity with Gerald Howarth in front of the pub in Yateley which happens to be the headquarters of the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Was this their first visit to Yateley, a Tory-free zone, I wonder? Frankly, if this is spin, the average money spider could do better.

Mark Fullbrook claims local Conservatives are "jubilent" (sic). They have twelve months to stay that way, and learn to spell and behave.

My suggestion to Denis Gotel would be to get four pro-road, anti block vote, pro Fleet candidates to stand in the elections with him next spring.

I will meanwhile give the Tory Boys some lessons in spinning.

Denis could picture a chicane coloured blue and write on the caption: "Sponsored by the Tory Party."

Or how about a sweating man with crossed legs pictured outside the soon to be closed loos, with a placard saying: "Tories are ‘jubilent' over this: time to flush them away."

I could go on but it's too easy- like shooting fish in a toilet bowl…