KEY Property Developments has been ordered to "get a move on" in a row over the multi-million pound redevelopment of Farnborough shopping centre.

That was Rushmoor councillors' forthright message when they quizzed one of the company's top executives, Simon Rutter.

They left him in no doubt that traders and shoppers are getting increasingly fed up with the apparent lack of progress since the scheme was given the green light three years ago.

Members even questioned whether KPI was committed to redeveloping the 1960s concrete shopping centre which resembles a ghost town at present.

And they called on the company to get its public relations act together so that shopkeepers knew what was happening.

Mr Rutter predicted that work would start on both building the multiplex cinema and developing the north Queensmead site within the next 12-18 months.

He also undertook to arrange for Anthony Glossop, KPI chief executive, to write to the council confirming the company's "100 per cent" commitment to the project.

The row happened at the last meeting of the council's policy review panel.

A council spokesman said this week: "People are becoming extremely frustrated at the lack of progress, and are starting to blame us.

"But we don't have the power to impose a timetable. We can only put pressure on KPI to get things moving."

He added that the council had done its bit by giving planning permission for redevelopment of The Mead, the construction of flats on the old Post Office site, and the provision of a multi-plex cinema.

Apart from demolition work on the post office site, however, nothing seemed to have happened.

"We want to know when KPI's grand vision for the town centre is going to kick-off," added the spokesman.

Mr Rutter has been asked to provide a further progress report at next month's meeting of the panel.