WHY is David Clifford, a Rushmoor councillor, speaking on behalf of developers?

Farnborough town centre is not, was not, a derelict inner city wasteland begging for redevelopment.

Four years ago KPI took over a thriving town centre and then proceeded to systematically destroy it.

Councillors have quite correctly criticised KPI for their lack of consultation, but equally there has been no consultation by councillors with either the retailers or the local community.

Rushmoor councillors have stood idly by on the sidelines doing nothing to prevent the destruction.

Even worse, many councillors were openly applauding what was taking place.

By contrast, the so-called "saboteurs" have been actively trying to safeguard their town.

The old post office redevelopment is out of keeping with the existing townscape.

It will tower over the neighbouring properties causing problems for those who live there.

The development will devour public open space — the route from Queensmead to the library via the side of the Pizza Hut will be narrowed to a ten-foot alley, displacing office workers and shoppers who relax on the side of the walled flower bed.

The grassy area alongside the recreation centre will be taken for private parking.

The possibility of opening up Marrow Brook, which runs through this end of town, making an attractive feature, will be lost forever.

Apart from deteriorating the town centre, the proposals are contrary to government guidelines on enhancing and protecting existing public open space and pedestrian areas, reducing opportunity for crime, reducing reliance on cars, sustainability etcetera.

All to create four extra retail units — with the large number of empty retail units, something the town centre is not short of and does not need.

When GOSE posts a notice in the street inviting objections, it is just that, an invitation and opportunity to object.

There is no opportunity to object until such time as a formal application is made to the Secretary of State for a stopping up order for the highway.

The length of time for the process is to enable a careful evaluation of the issues raised, something Rushmoor singularly fail to do in their rush to give developers anything they want.

Objections were raised at the planning stage, objections which were, as is usual for Rushmoor, simply ignored.

Keith Parkins, Church Road East, Farnborough.