AMBITIOUS Farnborough Town Football Club is aiming to build a new stadium on army land - but it's anyone's guess when the plan will be finalised.

The Ministry of Defence intends to release a large amount of army land in the area for private development under a scheme called "Project Connaught".

And Rushmoor Council has promised the Conference club that it will include a site for a stadium in its outline blueprint for the land.

The agreement follows long standing demands by the club for the council to help it find a stadium site.

Last year club boss Graham Westley became so frustrated at the lack of progress that he was on the brink of moving the club out of the borough.

While it waits for the "Project Connaught" site, the club will continue to develop its council-owned ground at Cherrywood Road, Cove, to Football League standards.

This work will include the construction of a 388-seater stand, new terracing, new turnstiles, a ground control room and floodlight pylons.

The club hopes that the Football Stadia Improvements' Fund will pay for most of the scheme, with the council chipping in if required.

Club director Matthew Mills said they were pleased to have agreed a long term plan with the council.

With a clearer vision of the future, he said the club was happy to press ahead with developing its Cherrywood Road ground.

The stadium expansion forms part of the club's plan for promotion to the Football League.

Coun David Clifford, Cabinet member for leisure, described the decision to include a stadium site in the "Project Connaught" scheme as a "practical and sensible way forward". He said: "The relocation of the club is a difficult issue in a small borough with little land available.

"There is a lot of work to be done and detail to be agreed, but I am sure with goodwill on both sides we can achieve that."