THE obstacles about to be installed in Elvetham Road suggest a poorly thought-out plan, for several reasons.

"Traffic calming" is a misnomer. "Driver infuriating" would be a better description, and to stress drivers is not a good idea.

Then, Elvetham Road is a logical route for traffic coming from Hartley Wintney, making for the M3 and other routes, by-passing the town centre — are the council trying to encourage drivers to add to congestion in the town, or perhaps to drive through the new Railroad Heath development?

Again, why Elvetham Road? It is not densely populated; for much of its length it has houses only on one side, few and mainly large.

If speeding is the problem, there are better ways of enforcing speed limits, whilst maintaining flow, than such artificial and irritating schemes.

Lastly, why does the council ignore the now well proven data that vehicle exhaust pollution increases substantially in the vicinity of the artificial halts such schemes introduce?

Noise too is increased. Stand by for well-justified protest from residents in the vicinity of the stopping places.

NF Rothe, The Laurels, Fleet.