A DEPRESSED teenager who felt he was being shunned by loved ones hanged himself at work, an inquest heard this week.

Jamie Campbell, 19, died on January 15 shortly after he was found hanged in a storage tank at Pimms Pumps in Invincible Road, Farnborough.

He was taken to Frimley Park Hospital where he died as a result of asphyxiation.

The Basingstoke inquest was told a supervisor discovered his body after failing to get a reply from him. No suicide note was found at the scene.

Manager Michael Short said there was initial disbelief when Mr Campbell’s body was discovered.

“I could see Jamie in the tank so I got in,” he said.

“He’d hanged himself from the strop on a mobile crane.

“I had to lift him physically. Peter operated the hoist and I lowered it to the ground.”

In a written statement, his supervisor Darren Plested said Mr Campbell was troubled about his relationship with his parents and his girlfriend.

He said he had talked about moving to the north because “he had nothing to keep him in Farnborough”.

“He seemed to carry the world on his shoulders,” Mr Plested added.

“He said his girlfriend was violent and the impression I got was that he didn’t see eye-to-eye with his father.”

He also said the teenager admitted taking anti-depressants and said he tried to harm himself in the past.

But Mr Campbell’s father Richard denied his son was taking medication for depression. He said he seemed alright when he saw him the night before.

“He showed me a book he was writing about himself,” he said.

“I said you’ve got to put the good bits in not just the bad bits. He replied by saying

he’d fill it up too quickly if he did that.”

He admitted arguing with him, saying it was not unusual for any father to argue with his son.

“He was the son any father would be proud of. He was polite and well-mannered.”

Mr Campbell conceded his son did not think very highly of himself but said he did not believe he intended to take his life.

“I realise he killed himself but I don’t think he really meant to die. He was so methodical. There would have been a note and he wouldn’t have taken his car to work. It’s just not Jamie.”

Pc Chip Walker of Farnborough police attended the scene.

He told the coroner Andrew Bradley there was nothing suspicious or untoward when he arrived at Pimms Pumps.

He said he spoke to Mr Campbell’s family shortly afterwards and they denied he had a history of depression and said he had never tried to harm himself.

Recording an open verdict, Mr Bradley said he could not be sure whether he intended to die or not. He said Mr Campbell was introverted, with tremendous feelings of self-worthlessness.

“He sees himself as being pushed away by everyone, his dad, his mum and his girlfriend, but that’s not the case; he has a loving family.

But there’s no doubt he hangs himself in a lonely

place and there is no-one else involved.”