TRAVELLERS who were kicked off playing fields in Church Crookham on July 22 have now set up camp just across the road.

About 40 caravans and lorries arrived on Tweseldown Racecourse on the night of July 22, having just vacated the Hart Council-owned Peter Driver playing fields where they had been encamped for a week.

Hart solicitor Charles Herbert had stated that the council was intending to evict the travellers from the playing fields on the morning of July 23.

But before that could happen the travellers packed up and moved a few yards across the road to the Ministry of Defence-owned racecourse.

"The Ministry of Defence is the freeholder of the land and the Defence Land Agent is taking steps to get them removed," explained Mr Herbert.

"Luckily there is no damage to the Peter Driver playing fields.

"We did provide bin bags to put rubbish in but they obviously didn't use them because there was quite a lot of rubbish which had to be cleared up."

The latest twist in the sorry saga has shocked and angered residents, one of whom fumed: "Is there not an exclusion zone in place and if not, why not?

"How come no-one stopped them from going over the road?

"They've known for more than a week that these people were here and they should have known they would move on.

"How come these people are constantly allowed to be one step ahead?

"Someone needs to take responsibility and watch where they go.

"They are just left to ride roughshod over everyone. There are only a handful of green sites in Fleet and Church Crookham and these people have been on most of them.

"They've been on Basingbourne Park, the Peter Driver playing fields and now Tweseldown.

"I suppose they could go to The Views or Oakley Park next.

"It's become a bit of a game guessing where they are going to turn up next.

"You could make a television sitcom out of it and call it The Travellers — Watch this Space."