WHAT do you do with a two year-old who wants to behave like any other toddler, but has to be attached to a drip feed for 12-14 hours each night?

This was the problem two local families, Michael and Lia Moran from Perring Avenue, Farnborough, and Bob and Tracey Crewdson from Sandhurst Road, Yateley, had to overcome, for the equipment was heavy.

Lucas Moran and Jamie Crewdson, both two, suffer from severe gastrointestinal disorders that have led to complete intestinal failure. They are fed intravenously through a catheter placed in their heart. This is a lifelong treatment and both spend a lot of time at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The answer came after a lot of brainstorming and the families then approached the ASDA supermarket in Farnborough where the manager, Simon Andrews, was able to donate two children's supermarket trolleys. Lia Moran said: "We are grateful to ASDA for the trolleys that are not only lightweight, but can be adapted to take the equipment needed for the feed. The major problem with both boys has been difficulties manoeuvring their large, heavy drip-stands, which tend to be geared toward adults."

Picture: Help for two toddlers. From left: Michael Moran with his son Lucas; Bob and Tracey Crewdson with daughter Rebecca and little James.