TRAFFIC queues near Farnborough’s public tip are creating misery for firms in a nearby

industrial estate.

On Tuesday there were queues of up to half an hour for people trying to enter the tip in Eelmoor Road and the nearby Arrow Industrial Estate.

Gary Jamieson, managing director of UK Wood Floors, in the industrial estate, said: “It has just taken me 26 minutes of queuing to get into our unit here.

“We have had three customers and one delivery driver phone up and say they can’t wait any longer to get in. It was bad last year but now it’s chaos. Something needs to be done – another road needs to be opened up or the tip needs to be moved somewhere else.”

Last April the Star told how Aldershot MP Gerald Howarth met bosses from another company in Eelmoor Road – Premier Contract Supplies – to discuss the problem.

Mr Howarth said on Tuesday: “I don’t think we should assume this is just a Bank Holiday problem.

“I think the problem will increase because we are all being browbeaten to recycle.

“I use this facility myself and something has got to be done. It is intolerable for businesses who are dependent on deliveries.

“The county council and the district council cannot just say ‘there is nothing we can do’.

“One way to ease things would be to open up Invincible Road, although I know there are difficulties relating to that.”

Mr Howarth also said it might be worth considering closing the tip at certain times of the day to allow deliveries to the industrial estate.

He added: “The councils both understand the problem but there is no easy solution. I think the county may have to consider an alternative site.”

Mr Howarth said he would welcome suggestions about ways to tackle the problem, and asked anyone with ideas to call his office on 01252 323637.

No one from Hampshire County Council, which runs the tip, was available for comment.