CONSERVATIVE Roland Dibbs got back on to Rushmoor Council for two years on Thursday by the toss of a coin after a dead heat in Knellwood ward with fellow Tory Paul Taylor. Both had been beaten by airfield campaigner Patrick Kirby, but Patrick failed to get his two independent colleagues elected.

There was also a split result in St Mark's where Liberal Democrat John Starling topped the poll followed by two Conservatives. Only 64 votes separated six candidates in this ward.

Labour lost its last seats in Farnborough and is now reduced to a rump of six members. The Liberal Democrats regained Maurice Banner's seat in Cove but the Deputy Mayor,Liberal Democrat George Paparesti, went down in Manor Park. He was taken ill at the count and received medical attention.

Former Mayor Jim White of Labour, who sought a retraction when the Star said he was fighting an unpromising seat, finished a distant seventh in the same ward.

Conservatives now have 25 seats, Liberal Democrats ten and Coun. Kirby is the lone Independent.


COVE & SOUTHWOOD: Maurice Banner (LD) 724, *John Matthews (LD) 647, *Brian Jupp (LD) 608. Not elected: Alan Chainey (Con) 573, Keith Jenner (Con) 547, *David Thomas (Con) 537, Edward Shelton (Lab)146.

FERNHILL: *Alan Ferrier (Con) 714, *John Marsh (Con) 646, Kenneth Muschamp (Con) 608.Not elected: Sheila Goldie (LD) 306, Marjorie Pratt (LD) 285, Ena Bocon (LD) 280, Simon Wright (Lab) 153.

EMPRESS: *Pat Devereux (Con), 1139, *Rosemary Possee (Con) 1010, *John Wall (Con) 896. Not elected: Stephen Chowns (LD) 522, Bryan Bell (LD) 506, Derek Wickens (LD) 445, Steve Cottingham (Lab) 198, Derek Asker (Ind) 192.

GRANGE: *Mike Smith (Con) 631, *Maurice Sheehan (Con) 563, Jon Weston (Con) 520. Not elected: *Stella Olivier (Lab) 450, Barry Jones (Lab) 407, *Terry Bridgeman (Lab) 394, Josephine Fraser-Fleming (LD) 218, Hazel Manning (LD) 218, Angela Bramham (LD) 217, "King" Arthur Pendragon (Ind) 123.


*Patrick Kirby (Ind) 756, *Roland Dibbs (Con) 735, Paul Taylor (Con) 735. Not elected: Steffen Stoneman (Con) 661, Keith Parkins (Ind) 590, Gwilym Anthony (Ind) 558, Montserrat Starling (LD) 333, Margaret Jupp (LD) 330, Martin Kaye (LD) 316, William Tootill (Lab) 143. ST JOHN'S: *George Dawson (Con) 796, Peter Moyle (Con) 789, *Graham Tucker (Con) 767.Not elected: Barbara Darby (LD) 402, Paul Banner (LD) 360,John Simpkins (LD) 28l, Mary Lawrance (Lab) 236.

MAYFIELD: *Craig Card (LD) 478, * Charles Fraser-Fleming (LD) 477, *Neville Dewey (LD) 464. Not elected: John Card (Lab) 403, Clive Grattan (Lab) 370, Robert Sullivan (Lab) 358, Roderick Baulk (Con) 265. ST MARK'S: *John Starling (LD) 680, *Nigel Baines (Con) 673, Diane Bedford (Con) 647. Not elected: Alastair Mackie (LD) 633, Guy Eaglestone (LD) 632, *Geraldine Bullard (Con) 616, Sean Clarke (Lab) 198.

WEST HEATH: *Sean Murphy (LD) 748, Linda Neal (LD) 730,*Josephine Murphy (LD) 712. Not elected: Stephen Masterson (Con) 668, Barry Jenner (Con) 664, John Skeggs (Con) 592, Philip Collins (Lab) 192.

HERON WOOD: * Mike Roberts (Lab) 745, * Frank Rust (Lab) 62l, *Donald Cappleman (Lab) 612 . Not elected: Hedy Brennan (Con) 344, Sandra Gardiner (Con) 338, Rosemary Stevens (Con ) 320, Peter Sandy (Ind) 182, Denis Ward (LD) 160, Ann Hunt (Green) 82, Adrian Ashurst (Green) 76, Carrie De Fey (Green) 55.

NORTH TOWN: *Keith Dibble (Lab) 787, Sue Dibble (Lab) 699, *Andy Straker (Lab) 636. Not elected: Keith Stott (Con) 420, Neil Watkin (Con) 378, Andrew Chittock (LD) 189, Michael Kilburn (LD) 182, Adam Stacey (Green) 152, Samantha Stacey (Green) 148, Peter Still (Green) 96.

MANOR PARK: *Colin Balchin (Con) 665, *Tony Gardiner (Con) 656, Claire Burridge (Con) 636. Not elected: *George Paparesti (LD) 558, Nickolas Burfield (LD) 456, Simon Burfield (LD) 432, *Jim White (Lab) 323, Carolyne Culver (Lab) 279, June Smith (Lab) 279.

ROWHILL : *Roger Kimber (Con) 810, *David Welch (Con) 753, *Charles Choudhary (Con) 722. Not elected: Jill Clark (Lab) 342, Lesley Pestridge (Lab) 315, Carol Rust (Lab ) 299, Richard Ketley (LD) 222, Peter Barnett (Green) 200, Julia Fowler (Green) 178, Timothy Simmons (Green) 169.

WELLINGTON: *David Clifford (Con) 447, *Eddie Poole (Con) 420, *Francis Williams (Con) 418. Not elected: Alex Crawford (Lab) 245, Roy King (Lab) 228, Jerry Wines (Lab) 210, Philip Thompson (LD) 174, Paul Bourke (LD) 157, Peter Woodcock (LD) 147.