Two friends have been presented with the Baden Powell Award.

Louise Gover (16, pictured on the right) and Sophie Greaves (15), both of 5th Cove Guides, worked hard to achieve their awards while studying for school exams.

They have been on seven camps together and completed all their trefoils and challenges.

Louise, of Trunk Road, Cove, completed her GCSEs at Farnborough Hill School. Sophie, of Sandy Lane, Cove, is at Oak Farm School in Cove.

Some of their badges include hostess, survival, outdoor cook, observer, kayak 1, advance camper, party planner and many more.

The girls have enjoyed many activities such as swimming nights, patrol cookouts, canoe training and a visit to the London Eye.

If any girls would like to join the Guides, they should ring the district commissioner, Jan Mattinson, on 01252 660224.