A BRILLIANT new film based around a true story from wartime Aldershot has been frozen out by the major film chains in favour of American films.

But this coming week local picturegoers who want to see the highly acclaimed "Two Men Went to War" can go to the Ster Century Cinema in Basingstoke. It is showing at 9.10 pm tonight (Thursday) and at the same time next Monday to Wednesday.

David Wilkinson of the film distributors Guerrilla Films said they had bookings through to February including cinemas in a number of Surrey towns. But the major chains were not interested.

"It is the story of two unsung heroes of the Second World War," he said. "But it does not have a large number of people being eaten by zombies."

He said the film was being released to coincide with Remembrance Day. It is the story of two Army dentists who got bored with life in the barracks in Aldershot and went AWOL.

Armed with revolvers and grenades they stole a small fishing boat in Cornwall and sailed to France where they cut phone lines and blew up a railway line and a signal box. When they drifted back to Cornwall they were at first thought to be Nazi spies!

Kenneth Cranham plays the 55-year-old sergeant and Leo Bill the young private. The director lives in Haslemere, the writer in Godalming and much of the filming was in Surrey.

"It was the kind of thing that only Britons could do," said Mr Wilkinson. "In no other country would you get two dentists just going off to fight Adolf."

The cinema box office number is 0870 2408984.