Two people have diced with death within the past week by walking along the train tracks at Aldershot railway station.

During the morning rush hour on Friday (February 28), a woman was detained under the Mental Health Act for trespassing on the tracks in Station Road.

She was found wearing no shoes on the railway line just days after a man put his life at risk by walking on the railway line.

Last Tuesday (February 25), a man who was described as being in an "emotional state" was similarly detained under the Mental Health Act by the British Transport Police (BTP) at around 11pm.

Councillor Mike Roberts, who represents the Aldershot Park ward at Rushmoor Borough Council, was at the station on Friday for the second incident.

He said it brought chaos to train travel at around 7.30am, as services were delayed to allow the police to intervene.

Cllr Roberts, of Cargate Avenue, Aldershot, said: “Unfortunately the 7.24am Ascot via London Waterloo service suffered as a result.

“The driver of this train saw her, she must have been hiding.

“The driver got in contact with the signal box and the power was turned off.

“She was then taken away.”

BTP received a report of trespassing at 7.28am.

A spokesman said: “Officers did not arrest her but detained her under the Mental Health Act and she was taken to a local hospital.

“Trains were up and running shortly after, at about 10am.”