"THEY are not angels but they are a couple of special kids and I am so proud of them," says Brian Pearman of his 14-year-old twins Sandy and Carl.

For at an age when many youngsters object to even making a cup of tea for their parents, Sandy and Carl look after their invalid father at their home at The Glebe in Hawley.

Brian, who is 53 and a former security officer, was first taken ill eleven years ago with heart problems. He now has unstable angina and a thickening of the blood condition which means his blood has to be thinned every six to eight weeks.

His wife Sue had to run the home - but 18 months ago she died from a sudden heart attack. The twins, who go to Frogmore Comprehensive, had to shoulder the burden.

Says Brian:"They really do look after me. They bully me and keep me in line, but I don't know what would have happened without them."

Sandy and Carl do most of the cooking and cleaning and even have to regularly wash Brian's hair, as he is unable to manage anything above head level.

"Carl does most of the high level repairs and they have to do things like taking down the curtains when they have to be washed. Last week they put up all of the Christmas decorations."

The twins are unable to take part in many of the after school activities they like, but, says Brian: "they do the jobs at home and keep smiling."

Both of them serve at Hawley Parish Church and each week they go to a church organisation called Cats to help children aged seven to 12.

Recently the twins received the top award at the Young Volunteer of the Year event organised by Hart Voluntary Action and Volunteer Bureau at BAE Systems in Farnborough. Brian was there to see them receive a certificate and a television set from Hart Council leader Coun. David Simpson.

"Even then they didn't argue," Brian told the Star. "Carol said Sandy could have the TV in her bedroom because he had the computer in his."

Other awards went to Martin Eastty (17), of Tudor Drive, Yateley; Jenny Ridley (16), of Wyndham Close, Yateley; Rob Logue (16), Basingstoke; Patrick Gilday (17), South Warnborough; Andrew Redwood (16), Aldershot; and three 14-year-olds from Yateley, Nicola Spendlove, Catherine Maund and Emily Arthy.