A distraught cat owner has paid a heartfelt tribute to their beloved pet after it became the latest victim of the UK cat killer.

Monty was found in Church Crookham on Thursday (May 4), with South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) believing the mutilation was carried out by a human.

Now the animal charity has posted a heartfelt message from Monty's owner on its Facebook page.

It said: "I love Monty and always will. Love cannot be destroyed. Love never dies.

"The abomination that did this will never know love - they will only know hate and repulsion and that is what they deserve.

"Rest in peace beautiful boy XX"

Monty was found killed and mutilated in Church Crookham
Monty was found killed and mutilated in Church Crookham

SNARL said it could be the work of the UK cat killer, as the cat "bears signature injuries for the cat killer".

The death is being investigated under Operation Takahe - the Metropolitan Police codename for the UK cat killer.

The attack is one of the latest in a string of animal deaths linked to the notorious UK Cat Killer, who has been known to kill, dismember and decapitate cats and foxes.

SNARL fears the UK Cat Killer may have struck as many as 200 times during their now 18-month spree.

Victims were initially concentrated in the Croydon and M25 area but there have been numerous like incidents in Surrey and across the rest of the country.