AN Aldershot family, stunned at seeing their home collapse last Friday, is still waiting for their future to be sorted out.

The bewildered Sampla family has spent this week in talks with Rushmoor Council which is trying to find them an alternative home.

As the Star went to press on Wednesday, council environmental services director John Edwards said: "We have been discussing a couple of options with them.

"We hope to be able to offer them something by the end of the week, and that will provide a breathing space to decide what will happen to their home."

Structural experts will help decide if the house should be rebuilt from scratch, or if it is possible to salvage some of the remains.

Mr Edwards added that they were moving "heaven and earth" to help the family deal with what he described as an unbelievably traumatic situation.

The council is footing the bill for hotel accommodation, and it has given them money for essential items.

"They were left with just the clothes they were wearing," he added. "They didn't have time to rescue any possessions."

Roop Sampla, a 46-year-old factory worker, his wife Nashatro, and their sons Vijay, 16, and Bheem, 23, were all in the five-bedroom house in Queen's Road when it started to break up.

They fled into the road and watched helplessly as their home for 30 years collapsed, burying their possessions in a mound of rubble.

Vijay said this week: "Our lives have been ruined entirely. Everything mum and dad worked for has gone."

Structural experts are trying to establish exactly why the house collapsed.

The drama happened after contractors working for the council had cleared shrubs and undergrowth from a piece of public land running alongside the house.

Despite initial reports, Mr Edwards said it was doubtful that the contractors had dug into the 100-year-old property's foundations. He said insurance companies were certain to be involved in any liability settlement.