A football club, which was set up to improve integration in Rushmoor, was the winner of the Aldershot and District Sunday Football League Division Six cup final at the weekend.

United Rushmoor, which was started in 2012 with the aim of bringing together Nepalese and English teenagers in Aldershot and Farnborough, took home the cup at Camberley Town Football Club ground, at Krooner Park, on Sunday.

They beat Fox Inn 3-1 and man of the match was United’s Mickey Hayes.

A statement from youth worker Rich Cooper, who was behind the idea of United Rushmoor, posted on his Facebook page before the match: “When I stepped out of the formal structure of charity work over four years ago there were two things that I felt called into.

“One was social enterprise and creating jobs and opportunities for young people, the other was to act quickly to stop the racial violence between English and Nepali young people on our streets.

“I set out to the heart of the Nepali community, learnt the lingo, made new friends for life.

“I then called upon years of trust built with English young people and brought the two sides together and formed a football team out of the guys that were on the verge of killing each other.”

He said while United Rushmoor FC’s first season wasn’t a huge success on the pitch, the fighting stopped, while the second season saw a change to much wider social inclusion and community involvement.

Mr Cooper described the event as a milestone that the players will be able to look back on for years to come.

He thanked Kieran Daniel, player-manager, and coach Darren Pimm as well as the players that have supported United Rushmoor FC, which is sponsored by the News & Mail.