IT is with great disappointment that I pen this letter.

Disappointment with those who sought and disappointment with the authorities that gave permission for the barbaric loss of wildlife habitat to the rear of the houses lining Boxall's Lane on its southern side where it adjoins the Surrey border, namely the Badshot Lea angling lakes.

I refer to the felling of almost every tree along the lakeside banks of the smaller of the two lakes in this area. Of healthy trees. Of trees that have housed nest sites of wildlife for many years.

And what a time to undertake the work! Springtime! Just as many birds are preparing for what they hope is to be a successful breeding season.

I fully understand the fact that trees need to be pruned, thinned and felled so as to allow healthy growth. But on this scale?

I also find it extremely annoying that the residents backing on to the lake were not informed of the works to be carried out.

With the pleasant weather we've recently been experiencing, the chain saw and other machinery noise coupled with the smoke from the many bonfires well into the evening has been somewhat unpleasant.

From my own selfish point of view it would have been nice to have known as I race pigeons and on Tuesday March 26 I had this year's babies out on the pigeon loft roof for only the third time.

Within half an hour of putting the birds out the willow trees immediately behind the loft were being felled with total disregard of the pigeons, which scattered in all directions.

I finally managed to get the last bird back into the loft with very little light remaining.

Had this happened a few weeks earlier it could have meant the complete loss of a breeding season due to frightened pigeons leaving their eggs.

I find it very hard to believe that this sort of action can take place in these days of the high emphasis regarding conservation, especially so as over the last few years many trees have been removed for house building.

Houses at the eastern end of Boxall's Lane were built on the Badshot Lea angling land and even now to the west houses are being built on the water works site where there were many fine specimen trees. Where next?

It seems to me that too many people have said to hell with wildlife.

Russell Barker, Boxall's Lane, Aldershot.