A TRANQUIL fishing lake and wildlife haven is being turned into a dangerous dumping ground by teenage yobs.

Aldershot's Shawfield Lake, off Field Way, has become a regular target for young vandals and is often polluted with litter, scaffold poles, logs and disinfectant barrels.

Bailiffs pulled a mini-scooter from the ice-covered water in recent days and recovered a boat that had been smashed up and pushed out onto the surface.

Groups of up to 20 youngsters aged between ten and 17 break into the site by cutting through the surrounding wire fence or by smashing the lock on the entrance gate.

They then run amok inside, throwing rubbish into the carp-rich water and hurling abuse at anyone who tries to stop them.

Now fed up officials at Farnborough and District Angling Club, the site owners, say they will prosecute trespassers in a bid to protect the lake for their 500 members.Club secretary Gerry Lucas surveyed the scene on Monday and revealed he has already raised the problem with local police.

"We have had trouble with kids over the last two or three years and we have had to come down here and throw them off the water and all sorts," he said.

"Kids throw litter all over the place. We clear it up but then a couple of hours later they come back and throw it around again.

"Now we have reached the point where we will be going to the police with names, if we can get them, and we will be prosecuting."

Mr Lucas is also concerned about the danger the three-inch thick ice poses to the children as well as bailiffs and volunteers.

"Our bailiffs and the few people who help us keep the lake nice have got to risk their lives getting this litter out," he said.

"They have got as much as they can out but they are not going to risk their lives going right out onto the lake."

He added: "We are looking at water that, in some places, is up to ten feet deep.

"If a kid goes through the ice they don't stand a chance."

Now he is urging children to stay away from the area for their own safety.

"Until something actually happens nothing will be done," he said.

"It's going to take one of the kids to go through the ice and drown before they realise what happens.

"They don't seem to understand how dangerous the ice is."

Farnborough and District Angling Club has closed the lake while the ice thaws. It is expected to re-open in a month's time.