A SECURICOR lorry came under a hail of stones thrown from a bridge over the A331 at Frimley.

According to the driver the culprits were two boys aged between eight and 12 who were seen running from the bridge.

He told police that, had he not been travelling in slow traffic, the incident could have caused a major accident.

The lorry's bodywork was badly dented and the repairs will cost an estimated £800.

Police have appealed for information from anyone who may have seen the boys on the bridge, near Frimley Business Park, at 6.15 pm on Wednesday last week.

A spokeswoman said: "This was a dangerous incident which could have had serious consequences for those travelling along the road at the time."

She appealed to parents to emphasise to their children that throwing objects from road bridges was extremely dangerous.

In a separate incident a car driver had a lucky escape on Sunday when his Hyundai car was targeted as it travelled under a bridge on the A331 near Hollybush Lane, Aldershot.

Someone threw a stone which smashed the passenger door window, causing £60 worth of damage. The incident happened at 5.30pm.

Police are becoming increasingly worried at the number of stone throwing incidents involving cars on the A331 and M3 motorway in recent weeks.

Last month two cars were damaged by missiles as they approached a bridge over the M3 at Camberley. Both drivers escaped injury.