The victim of a brutal attack and his wife, have spoken out about ‘the night that changed his life’.

Terry Phillips, a 47-year-old father from Yateley, was rushed to hospital after he was kicked, punched and beaten to the ground as he walked home from the Dog and Partridge pub.

The late-night attack in Reading Road on October 13 2012, left Mr Phillips with a fractured cheekbone and serious damage to his eye.

Following a 12-day trial that resulted in two men being put behind bars last Friday, Mr Phillips and his wife Jayne said they were at last able to speak out now that ‘justice was done’.

The pair said: “It has taken over 19 long, emotional months for the attackers to be finally sentenced, and in that time, as a family, we have all suffered and changed in many ways. Many days were spent just hiding from the world, trying to understand what happened.

“We are very much an ordinary family, highlighting how this can happen to anyone. We have had huge support from family and friends along the way, as well as from people we hardly know, do not know and have got to know.”

The couple said the police were ‘amazing’, as were the witnesses who spoke out and recalled the horror that they saw.

“Victim support and witness care are volunteers with hearts of gold and full of experience,” they added.

“We cannot thank everyone enough.”

As a result of the attack Mr Phillips now suffers from double vision and is unable to ride his motorbike.

Mrs Phillips added: “I dropped my husband Terry off for a night at the pub with friends, the next time I saw him was when the police took me to A&E, he was suffering horrendous injuries following a sustained, repeated attack.

“He had been beaten, kicked and left unconscious. His face was swelling as I watched and he was covered in his own blood.

“Terry may have healed in many ways, but he has permanent physical injuries.

“The rest of the family have emotional scars – we will never be the same – but we are all healing slowly, comforted by the fact justice was done. Our wonderful children have suffered in many ways equally with us, but have been a huge part of our recovery.

“We just want to be that ordinary family again.”

Joshua Francis, 20, of Westwood, in Eversley, and Ricardo Stocchetti, 18, of Dumas Close, in Yateley, were convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent when they appeared at Winchester Crown Court on April 4. They were each sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison last Friday.