Retired banker Graham Bell has discovered secret links with the past while stripping a room at his Victorian house in Aldershot.

After taking up the floorboards, and removing a partition, he discovered three "business cards" left by the workmen who helped build the house in Cargate Hill. The "cards" were in the form of wooden blocks with the names and trades of the craftsmen from 102 years ago written on them.

One bears the inscription "A. Levett, carpenter on this building in May 23, 1900. Resident 60 Gordon Road, Aldershot."

Another reads: "S. Anderson - this house built by G. Scales, 18 April 1900'" and the third is inscribed: "J. Patrick 18.4.1900."

All three pieces of wood measure about 2in x 3in and the words have been written in pencil.

Mr Bell, who has lived in the four-bedroom semi-detached house for four years, said: "These chaps must have left similar blocks of wood in houses all over Aldershot."

He would also like to know if members of the men's families still live locally, and if they are in the building trade. In the case of G. Scales, he pointed out that the writing is not too clear and that the actual name could be something similar.

Mr Bell can be contacted on 01252 693616.