Dust off those walking boots! Camberley Rotary Club wants "hundreds and hundreds" of walkers to join them on their first ever charity walk.

The walk is designed to cater for all ability levels from children on up to ramblers and there are three routes - a three mile "stroll", and six and twelve mile treks.

All three routes leave from the Mytchett Canal Centre on Sunday, Oct 13, between 10 and 12 noon.

"It is the first time we have done this," said Derek Dearmer, Rotary president, "and we are hoping for a lot of support.

"It not only gives us an opportunity to get money for Rotary charities, but gives small organisations and individuals a chance to raise money for their causes."

Walkers arrange their own sponsorship, with the charity of their choice receiving 75% of what they raise. The remaining 25% goes to Rotary charities, or walkers can donate the entire proceeds to Rotary.

The `12 mile walk, which will take 5-6 hours, goes cross country to the Pirbright area, coming back across common land. Part of the route takes in Brookwood Cemetery. The six mile walk covers half the distance. The three mile stroll goes into Frimley Lodge Park, with a walk around the park and back to the canal centre.

There will be three drinks stations for the long walk, though walkers are advised to bring drinks along as well.

Walkers must register and entry and sponsor forms are available from Simon Rawlinson, 4 Mallard Way, Yateley, Hampshire, GU46 6PG, tel 01252 870008 or from Colin's Pet Shop, High Street, Camberley.