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Monty the Penguin has warmed the heart of a nation this autumn following his appearance in John Lewis’s celebrated annual Christmas advert.

So the team at BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) Radio in Aldershot has created its very own festive hero who has been on his own adventure in the BFBS studio.

The station is hoping to spread a little cheer this Christmas with the tale of Hal the Penguin and his best mate presenter Charlene Guy.

The pair share a studio and go everywhere together. But while Hal is passionate about his career in broadcasting, he longs to fulfil his dream of serving the armed forces.

Just a simple salute is a problem for Hal, whose flippers really aren’t cut out for the job, but he is determined to perfect his drill and marching skills.

Now, Charlene has been able to give Hal the future he’s always dreamed of - he’s been recruited into the Penguin Reserves and will finally be able to serve his fellow creatures.

BFBS presenter and producer Hal Stewart, who bears more than just a passing resemblance to Hal, said: “My acting style has been described as very ‘method’.

“I really got into the role - by that I mean I didn’t allow the wife to put the heating on for three months and only ate fish.”