THESE birds are a cheeky lot. Each day they swan along a Camberley road as though they own the place.

They amble along, almost on a wing and a prayer, refusing to budge as motorists bear down on them.

The family of swans parade from Watchetts Lake to a green at the end of Verran Road each morning.

And they wander back in the evening after spending the day foraging for food on the green and in nearby homes.

At first they were a novelty, but in recent weeks residents have learned to be wary of the winged visitors.

Mrs Mary Osborne, of Russet Gardens, said: "They are obviously very hungry and can become very aggressive."

The swans have often marched through her rose bushes and into her garden searching for something to eat.

"We shoo them away because they are messy and not very friendly," added Mrs Osborne, whose husband took these pictures.

Picture: Out of our way! Bad-tempered swans have started "commuting", leaving Watchetts Lake every morning and marching to a green during the day, returning home in the evening.