Richard Williams will be travelling to Highbury and is backing his old team to achieve a huge upset and defeat the Gunners on their home turf.

He played three seasons at his local club and was an apprentice with Tottenham Hotspur before a serious car crash six years ago left him unable to play.

Richard sustained hip and leg injuries in the crash in Cricket Hill Lane, Yateley, in February 1997 when he was aged just 20.

However, Richard is still involved with the club as he trains the Farnborough youth team.

He believes that tomorrow could see one of the biggest upsets in Cup history.

“I think we’re going to turn Arsenal over,” he said. “I’ll be watching them play at Highbury as I coach the Farnborough Town youth team so we’ll all be there.

“Walking on to the pitch will be a good feeling for the players as it’s one of the top pitches in the country.

“It will be a good experience for them. I expect they are all having mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement.

“I doubt that they need to try to psyche themselves up for the game — just the knowledge they’ll be playing Arsenal should be enough.”

Richard will be travelling on a supporters’ club coach from Cherrywood Road with players from his youth side and hundreds of other fans on Saturday morning.

Around 6,000 Boro fans will be packing into the all-seater Highbury stadium for the big match.

The atmosphere in the ground promises to be like nothing Farnborough have experienced before as the Boro fans try to out-voice their North London rivals.

Reflecting on the accident in which teenager Christopher Chamberlain died after losing control of his car and crashing into Richard’s car, he said: “It was difficult for a long time.

“I did have a lot of support from my family and friends, but my career as a player was finished because of the leg injuries.”

Richard gradually over-came the effects of the accident to eventually coach the youth team and become a personal trainer at a local gym.

“I’m still very much into sports and keeping fit,” he added.

“I’m also starting a business with a friend where we’re looking at working with sports people and athletes.”

A year after the accident, Richard met his future wife, Louise and they got engaged on her 21st birthday two years later.

The couple had a fairytale wedding at Disneyland in Florida last September, which was filmed by the BBC and will be shown next week.

Called Escape to the Sun, the programme followed Richard and Louise from the moment they left their house in Blackwater to when they said their vows in the Disney wedding pavilion.

The couple had been to Disneyland five times before and decided it would be a magical experience to get married on the lake.

“It was an ideal place to get married,” said Richard. “It’s not like you would expect — it was lovely.

“They opened the Magic Kingdom up early especially for us, probably as we were being filmed, but it was an amazing deal.

“We had 20 close friends and family with us and we stayed out there for our honeymoon as well.”

You can catch Richard and Louise Williams on BBC1 at midday next Monday and Tuesday.