THE new landlords of the Garden Gate pub in Aldershot celebrated their first week behind the bar by getting stuck in a window and calling out the fire brigade.

Mark Taylor and Caroline Harvey were investigating a leak which they thought was coming from the upstairs bedroom and decided to climb through the top window to gain access on Wednesday evening.

"We couldn't find the key," explained Mr Taylor. "We'd only been here a week and we hadn't got round to finding out where everything was, so I thought the best thing to do was to climb up to the outside window and go through it."

However, once Mr Taylor got up on to the ledge he realised that the hinges on the window did not allow him to fit through.

"When I tried to get in," he said, "I found that the window was too small and I just couldn't get my chest through the gap, so my partner Caroline said she would come up and try as well."

Yet the gap proved to be too small for Miss Harvey as well, leaving the pair perched on a narrow ledge, which was too high for either of them to reach the top of the step ladder.

People gathered in the bar to watch England's European qualifier on the television started to come outside and tried to help the pair down, but they were still unable to reach the ladder.

"One of the regulars went upstairs and found that the leak was coming from the shower and was dripping through a crack in the tiles, so that was a relief to us," said Mr Taylor.

"He then called the fire brigade to come and help us down — Caroline was starting to get a bit panicky."

"The whole thing must have lasted about half an hour," said Miss Harvey. "I wasn't particularly worried about being stuck there because I don't have a fear of heights or anything, but I was just worried about the leak.

"The fire brigade were really nice about the whole thing though."