Thirty-five sleepyheads had a good time snoozing the night away and raising money for Southwood School, Cove, at the same time.They are pictured by Mike Hawley.

Year Two children spent last Friday night sleeping in the school hall, along with ten teachers, assistants, parents and governors. Said deputy head teacher Sue Croft: "It was wonderful, an exciting adventure."

To everyone's relief, the youngsters, aged 6-7, all fell asleep when the lights were turned out at 10:30pm. They woke at about 6:30am and helped clear up the hall before walking to Safeway supermarket for a free breakfast. The sleepover raised over £1,000 for the school's computer suite, which will now have Internet access and the latest educational software. Year 1 also helped by holding a sponsored bounce to see how many times they could bounce in a bouncy castle in two minutes.