DAVID Turner was labelled the ‘neighbour from hell’ by people in West Road who claim he has been treating garage units as a dumping ground.

In the News on December 6, Mr Turner promised to remove his property within seven days as Pavilion Housing Asso-ciation, which owns the units, prepared to take him to court.

But a month down the line nothing has changed.

The Christmas and New Year celebrations have been and gone, yet still a caravan, tyres and junk blot the landscape.

People who rent the garages are furious at the lack of progress, particularly as the junk often prevents them from gaining access.

“This has been going on for far too long,” complained Brian Smith, who rents one of the garages.

“If we decided to put our houses up for sale we would not get near the value for them. Any prospective buyer would look at that rubbish and run a mile.”

Another angry resident is Colin Lord, who has offered to clear the land himself.

He said: “Pavilion said they were going to take him to court, yet still nothing has been done. They are fobbing us off all the time.

“The tenancy agreement clearly states the garages must be clear of rubbish and that you should not create a nuisance. He has broken the rules.”

Cllr Jon Weston expressed his sympathy for the people of West Road and promised to continue to look at ways of solving the problem.

“I feel sorry for the local residents because Mr Turner continues to behave in an anti-social manner,” he said.

“Pavilion continue to give excuse after excuse but nothing seems to get done. I am now speaking with officers at the council and we are looking at other action that we can take against Mr Turner.”

Pavilion spokesman Mike Swaddling said: “In view of the commitment made to the News by Mr Turner in November about clearing the site, we gave him the seven days requested before Christmas. As he has not kept his word, we have now started the legal process, but this has been delayed by the Christmas shutdown, and residents must understand that it will take several weeks if this matter has to be resolved through the courts.

“We are as anxious as our tenants to keep Mr Turner and anyone conducting similar activities off our garage sites permanently. We are looking at the most effective ways of doing this.”

When approached by the Mail to ask why he had not kept his promise, Mr Turner promised to clear the junk over the weekend.

He said: “I know that it’s untidy and I will get it sorted. I have left it there too long and I know it needs to be moved. By Monday morning it will all be completely cleared.”

Yet as the Mail went to press, nothing had changed.