A ROW has flared over attempts to trace money raised for the "Save the Cambridge" campaign in Aldershot in the mid-1990s.

Rushmoor Council Conservatives want to know what happened to the cash following the closure of Aldershot's military hospital.

But the council's Lib-Dems, who have been asked to supply the answer, have accused the Conservatives of playing "dirty tricks" over the issue.

Coun John Marsh, Conservative group leader, wrote a letter to the Lib-Dem leader, Coun Craig Card, about two months ago asking where the money had gone.

"I am still waiting for an answer," said Coun Marsh on Monday. "I don't know why it is taking so long to reply."

The public, he continued, had a right to know what had happened to its contributions to the fighting fund.

"We simply want to know how much was raised and what was done with it," added Coun Marsh.

"I wrote to Coun Card in the belief that the Lib-Dems were the leaders of the campaign, and I presumed they would have a record of this money."

But his remarks later drew a blast from Coun Card. "What the Tories are doing stinks," he said.

He confirmed that the Lib-Dems of the day had formed the "Save the Cambridge" committee, but said it had later become a non-political organisation.

"It was run by residents of this borough, so I take exception to the Conservatives holding us responsible for the money," he said.

He added, however, that he had obtained some information which might be helpful to Coun Marsh.

"I will be writing to him shortly," said Coun Card, who added that he had not been involved with the campaign committee.