WE are approaching the Queen's Golden Jubilee so I read my diary for 1952, which I kept in Korea. I found the following entries:

Wednesday February 6 - When I started this diary six days ago I never thought that I would make this entry: "The King Is Dead".

At 20:50 hours the phone of E mess rang. Johnny Johnson, RUR (Royal Ulster Rifles), answered, put the phone down and stood in the centre of the mess and spoke those four shocking words.

We were speechless. The American News confirmed this and we drank a toast to the new Queen.

Sunday February 10 - Went to Church Service, 5 DGs (Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards) and it was very touching.

For the first time in my life I sang "God Save The Queen", along with troops from Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

I wonder what other older citizens were doing on those days 50 years ago?

Humphrey Marlow, Highfield Close, Aldershot.