The Yateley man, who does not want to be named, parked his three-month-old BMW 325 in the station car park, which is covered by 28 CCTV cameras, at 8.15am on Wednesday.

But when he returned from his London office at 4.40pm all four £250 wheels had vanished.

Of the car, he said: “My first thought was that it had been stolen because I couldn’t see the roof.

“Then as soon as I realised it was low down I knew someone had taken the wheels.

“It was on top of the Tarmac — they hadn’t even had the courtesy to leave it on bricks.

“I didn’t even go right up to it, I just turned back to the station and told the station officer what had happened.”

He reported the theft to the British Transport Police, who police all station car parks.

They are searching tapes to see if the crime was recorded.

The owner had to pay £300 excess on his insurance and now faces higher premiums.

He said: “Each wheel is worth about £250, plus the cost of the tyre and the damage done to the underside when it was dropped. The garage pick-up crew also damaged the wing slightly because it’s obviously quite difficult to pick up a car with no wheels.”

“In all I reckon the bill will be about £3,000, and the thieves will probably get about £300 for them if they’re lucky.”

A South West Trains spokesman sympathised but said car crime had dropped.

“In December there were 117 car crimes in the London South area, which covers all the way down to the south coast. That is a 30% decrease on November, but we will be keeping a closer eye on the car park in the light of this.”

A British Transport Police spokesman said BMWs had often been targeted in north Hampshire station car parks.

He said cameras cover the whole car park but it is not easy to identify the criminal.

“People do have the idea that once the crime is caught on camera that is it. The quality of a camera still depends on a number of factors.

“The sun may be at the wrong angle or the criminal may have a hood on, making it very difficult to identify someone. More often than not they are not from the local area so even if we spot someone they are difficult to find.”

Travellers have become increasingly frustrated with facilities at Farnborough Main.

They received a boost last year when Railtrack submitted plans for a multi-storey car park by office headquarters on the site. Outline permission was granted in October and detailed plans are expected in the coming months.