POLITICIANS are always complaining about the low turnout at the polls. They should not be surprised.

A few years ago the local Liberal Democrats put out some misleading information about the council tax. I protested but was told it was quite legal to try deliberately to mislead the electorate.

This year it has been the turn of the Tories. They claimed that last year Hart was a Liberal-led council and the tax went up 27.5%. They do not tell you that in fact last year the council was Tory controlled.

They just happened to have a Liberal as leader of the council, and decided to make what were considered (probably as a result of Government policies) necessary increases and blame them on the Liberals.

If this is the way they hope to get elected is it surprising that many people just do not read the literature and fail to vote?

Personally I think that politics plays little part in local elections. I just want someone who is reasonably knowledgeable, hard working, but above all, honest, to vote for.

Will the Hart Tories tell me why they did this please?

Mrs. C. Davis, Gorseway, Fleet.