HARRY Potter fever might be sweeping the nation but one Aldershot woman believes her magical book is going to be even bigger.

In the week when the latest offering from JK Rowling hits the shelves, Rowena Tunnell is eagerly awaiting the launch of her book — My Ma's a Witch.

A psychic reader in the Blackwater Valley, Rowena can also often be seen cleaning offices in Aldershot.

The book, showing the "alien species" adults from a child's viewpoint, is being released for a second time. It enjoyed success when it was sold in bookshops around Guildford in 1998.

Rowena said: "It was number one in Waterstone's for five months but the publishers went out of business and I thought my book would be gone forever.

"People were coming up to me all the time and saying: ‘When is the book going to be back in the shops?'

"A new publisher eventually came along and they asked me to write some more.

"Not many writers get the chance to do that. I am very grateful to have the opportunity."

What makes Rowena's story remarkable is she is dyslexic. She hopes her achievement will bring hope to the thousands of children who find reading and writing difficult.

She said: "I was in a remedial class at school.

That was hard. When it comes to story writing, I just write my thoughts on paper. When you start putting it into sentences it all starts to make sense."

She has dedicated the book to her mother and she has pledged not to let any fame and fortune go to her head.

The launch of My Ma's a Witch, published by Up Front, will be at the Princes Hall, Aldershot, on August 22 from 7pm to 10pm. All welcome.