A ROBBER left a 50-year-old woman unconscious after dragging her across Tesco's car park at Aldershot last Friday evening.

He pounced as his victim and her pregnant daughter were loading shopping into their car in the disabled parking area outside the store's main entrance.

The thief pushed the terrified daughter into the car before grabbing hold of the flap of her mother's handbag.

During a dramatic struggle he dragged the mother across the car park before the flap broke, causing her to fall and bang her head.

Other shoppers ran to her aid as she lay unconscious, but it was several minutes before she came round. One bystander chased the robber into Wingate Court, but lost sight of him as he ran along Willems Avenue towards Hospital Hill.

Both the mother - who managed to keep hold of her handbag - and her daughter were taken to Frimley Park Hospital. They were released after treatment. The incident happened at just after 10pm, and police believe that 10 minutes later the robber struck again in the town centre.

Again his victim was a woman in her 50s who had just withdrawn money from a cash point at the Abbey National in the High Street.

He approached his victim, who was accompanied by her daughter, and snatched her purse containing £250 after asking her for a cigarette. The villain pushed her to the ground before running down the High Street chased by the woman's daughter.

She saw him turn into Ordnance Road and run into the army housing estate on the left-hand side. The robber is described as aged 25 to 35 with a swarthy or Middle Eastern appearance. He was wearing dark clothing and spoke with a foreign accent.

Ring DC Matt Watson, of Aldershot CID, with information on either 01256 405091 or 0845 045 4545. or ring Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800555111.