A TERRIFIED Yateley woman fell victim to an armed carjacking in her own driveway.

The 38-year-old businesswoman returned home alone after an evening in Reading in her dark blue BMW Z3 convertible at 11.40pm on Saturday.

Two men approached her as she pulled into the drive in Dumas Close, a small cul-de-sac in a quiet residential area.

One of the men opened the passenger door and got into the car. The second, on the driver's side, ordered her to get out.

The victim believes he was holding a pistol and did as she was told.

The men then drove off in the £35,000 car, which has the distinctive registration number S1 WGW.

She said later: "When I pulled into the road everything seemed peaceful and normal. I sat in the car for a few minutes listening to the end of a CD which had been playing during the trip home.

"I then opened the central locking and a man with a hood over his head appeared in front of the car.

"He had a firearm in his hand and came up to my window, shouting at me to get out.

"The second man appeared from between the fir trees of the garden next door, opened the passenger door and got in beside me.

"I have never been so frightened in my life. I got out and I was screaming."

Both men are Afro-Caribbean and in their early 20s. The first is about 5ft 8in tall, of slim build and wore a smart black coat with a hood and dark trousers.

The second is stockily built with a round face, around 5ft 7in and was wearing a hooded jacket with black trousers. He has a London accent.

The woman, an executive with an IT company, also lost her handbag, which contained cash and credit cards, and her mobile phone.

She said: "You hear of carjackings happening to other people but when you are at the centre of it, it is very, very scary.

"I would warn all women travelling on their own to make sure they lock the doors and take as many security precautions as possible.

"They did not hurt me but who knows what would have happened if I had resisted.

"It seems likely these men had been looking to steal a car and I arrived home at just the wrong moment."

Police are appealing for anyone with information about the theft to call 0845 0454545 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

They said that they had just been called by a neighbour who had spotted the men lurking in the close.

Local MP Gerald Howarth has advised everyone to step up security after the theft, which is the first of its kind in the area.

He said: "I am shocked to hear this happened in Yateley. It was possibly a target precisely because no-one would expect a crime like this in a town like Yateley, although it has happened in London.

"There was a tragic case of a woman being murdered in the course of a robbery after being followed to her home in Hertfordshire by thieves.

"It highlights the fact that we must all be more security conscious. Whether you are a man or a woman driving alone, particularly at night, you should make sure your car is locked.

"A good idea is to use your mobile phone to let someone at home know when you are arriving so they can watch out for you. Security lights on the house are also worth fitting so no-one comes home in the dark.

"It is despicable that people are doing this.

"If they were armed, I think it proves the point that the banning of handguns was a waste of time. If these people want a gun they can obviously get one and it was never the legally-held handguns that were the problem."

Our picture shows Dumas Close, where the carjacking took place.