A woman suffered serious injuries when she was trapped under a fallen tree as a ‘tornado’ swept across the town in the wake of ex-Hurricane Bertha.

Moments earlier, a father and his young daughter miraculously escaped unhurt when a tree fell on their VW Golf as they drove along Fleet Road.

A man and his young daughter had a 'miraculous' escape when a tree fell on their car

PC Geoff Hill, who attended the car smash, said it happened at about 2pm on August 10 at the junction with Bramshot Drive.

“There was a storm going on and nearby residents reported it as being like a tornado as some tiles were blown off some roofs and there were other bits of trees down in Bramshot Drive,” he said.

“A large beech tree came down across the road and crushed the boot area and passenger’s side of the car, as well as shattering the sun roof.

“A man in his mid-40s was driving the car and he had his young daughter, who was about two or three, in the front passenger's seat.

“They were showered in glass, branches and leaves but other than that there wasn’t a mark on them.

“They really were unbelievably lucky. If the young girl had been in the back seat she would have been crushed.”

The road was shut for about four hours and a diversion set up along Elvetham Road while Hampshire County Council workers cut up the tree.

The fire brigade was called to the other accident in Fleet Pond at 2.28pm. PC Hill said: “A lady in her 60s was walking on her own at the pond when a tree fell on her, trapping her underneath.

“She managed to phone for help and the fire brigade had to cut the tree off her. She was taken by ambulance to St George’s Hospital in Tooting with serious head injuries, although they are not thought to be life-threatening.”

Senior countryside ranger Steve Lyons said: “Our concern was and is for the lady so we wish her a speedy recovery.

“The weather conditions were extreme in Fleet on Sunday and unfortunately no one could have foreseen this incident.

“It appears that this tree was simply ripped in half by a freakishly high wind.”

Fleet Pond Society chairman Colin Gray said police called him to report the fallen alder tree at the Chestnut Grove area of the pond.

Committee member Nick Keeley went down to the site, followed by duty ranger David King.

Mr Gray said: “Nick reported that there was a police car, fire and rescue vehicle and paramedics on the scene.

“Helped by Nick and Geoff Dee, another Fleet Pond Society volunteer and committee member, the duty ranger then closed off all paths from Fleet railway station through to Kenilworth Road as a safety precaution.

“Other trees were leaning and at risk of falling.”

On August 11 ranger Rachel Jones cleared the fallen trees. The section from Wellington Avenue to the Brookly Bridge remains closed pending examination of other trees there.