I AM writing in response to the article on skateboarders published in last week's Farnborough News.

Having appeared in your paper on several occasions in support of the proposed skating facility, I was saddened to read the aforementioned article which basically involved Cllr Parker tarring all the skateboarders of Farnborough with the same brush.

He mentioned that there were 15 skaters in the Recreation Centre car park weaving in and out of cars, swearing at him when he told them they could get hurt in this way.

In no way am I condoning this disrespect shown towards him, but in five years skating in Farnborough I have never known 15 people to skate in the Rec car park.

I think it is unlikely that this many would and I believe that none of the skaters I know would behave in this way.

Sadly I have seen first hand the abuse that people have encountered from skateboarders, but believe me I am just as angered about this because it gives us all a bad name.

More often than not it is from young people who we are quick to put right because we do not want to be thought of as "young hooligans".

Secondly, for the councillor to say that there have been no movements in the development of the Farnborough skatepark is just plain ignorant.

It upset me because I know how much hard work we have put into the process of this park.

For almost a year now I and many others have been working very closely with the council, including the incredibly helpful Simon Venn, Phil Stoneman, Andy Ford and Cllr David Clifford to mention but a few.

We have been to countless meetings and applied for Lottery money which will make this skatepark one of the best free-to-use parks in the UK.

We have started a skateboarding club which could quickly become one of the best-represented clubs in the area.

Sean Leahy, Secretary, Rushmoor Skateboard & BMX Association, Highview Close, Farnborough.