Fans of Farnborough's X Factor final pair Reggie 'N' Bollie refused to let the drizzle marr the boistrous duo's return to Farnborough on Tuesday (December 8).

The finalists were back in Reggie's hometown ahead of the show's finalé over Saturday and Sunday (December 12-13) - and there was no shortage of support for the pair in Farnborough.

Hundreds gathered at Pinewood Park from around 10am and after a tour of the town with judge and mentor, Reggie 'N' Bollie's battle bus arrived to screams and cheers from the crowds.

Banners were unfurled ahead of the pop-reggae pair's meet and greet and performance, with X Factor judge and mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Virsini watching on.

Reggie, who hails from Farnborough, spoke of how he used to walk his children to school down the very road where the pair were now being revered.

Speaking to Get Hampshire , Reggie's wife Edith described how Cheryl had become part of the family, with the couple's sons now calling her "Auntie Cheryl".

"[The reaction] has been amazing," said Edith. "Really overwhelming. Lots of people - we were not expecting this many people.

"I've heard there are people here locally from Farnborough, but from Reading, from London, from St Neot's so it's massive support and we're so proud.

"They make everyone happy. Their energy is infectious like Cheryl has said so many times. I think everyone can feel it."

'Mash it up'

Edith added that the pair were excited for the final at the weekend - and would continue in their own inimitable fashion.

"They love Cheryl. We all love her, she's like part of the family now. My kids call her Auntie Cheryl. She's lovely, she's like down-to-Earth, she's what you see.

"We're all very excited about the final, we're just hoping they win. They're going to do their own thing and mash it up like they usually do."

Among those who turned out on Tuesday morning to catch a glimpse of the pair were the Truss family who live near Pinewood Park.

The Truss family, mum Louise and daughters Naomi and India

"We love them so much and were so excited to see them in the top three," said Louise Truss, who was joined by her daughters Naomi and India.

"When they first said they were from Farnborough, we couldn't believe it. We were like 'we live there!'.

"It's a shame they couldn't have had a bigger stage, but it's great that so many people turned out."

Lisa Duncombe, also from Farnborough, added: "I think they can definitely win, they're the best act on the X Factor in years.

"My son goes to school with Nolan [Reggie's son] and its really brought the town together. This just shows incredible community spirit."

Hundreds gathered in Pinewood Park for Reggie 'n' Bollie's performance