A cat owner has been left shocked and upset after her ginger and white pet Pickle was shot with an air gun for the second time.

Ellie Robson, who is due to get married on Saturday (May 24), is urging other animal lovers to be aware of the incident she described as ‘unacceptable’ and ‘disgusting’.

“We were in the garden last Saturday morning having breakfast when Pickle entered with a 3mm bullet wound in his side,” said the Yateley bride-to-be.

“It was close to his bladder and we rushed him to the vet.

“He is now recovering but this is not the first time this has happened – a pellet was shot at his ear a couple of months ago.”

'Unnecessary suffering'

Miss Robson, of Cornfields, thought someone may have targeted her five-year-old cat and wanted to remind people that there were better methods of deterring a cat from your garden.

“I want to make other owners aware that this is happening and if your cat becomes a target to report it to the police so they have a better chance at catching the person responsible,” she said.

“I did not report it the first time but it could happen again and potentially even a child could get hurt.

“If you do not want cats coming into your garden put orange peel around the borders, they hate that.

“Also, they cannot stand water.

“He is such a lovely cat. He is friendly and has no fear of humans.

“It is unfair to cause a cat unnecessary suffering.”

Prickly plants

Pickle had to undergo numerous injections and is on painkillers, costing hundreds of pounds.

“We are now keeping him in the house to allow his wound to heal,” she added.

Miss Robson said her neighbours were as shocked as she was.

Animal charity the RSPCA said effective methods of deterring cats from gardens include the use of prickly plants and water.

A spokesman from the RSPCA said: “Reports that an air gun has been used as a form of deterrent are shocking and we are glad that the cat in this case, Pickle, has survived what must have been a distressing ordeal for both him and his owner.

“We would remind people that using an air gun to harm any animal is illegal and we would urge anyone with information on attacks of this nature to contact us or the police.

“In attempting to prevent cats from entering a garden, it is important to make sure that any deterrent methods used are non-harmful and do not cause pain, suffering or distress.”

A spokesman for Hampshire police said: “The cat did not suffer serious injuries but did require treatment by a vet on both occasions.

“The safer neighbourhoods team will making contact with local residents by way of leaflet to ensure they are aware of the incidents so they can keep an eye out.”

Anyone with information should contact the police by calling 101.