Yatelely and Church Crookham postcodes are among the most desirable in England, according to a new survey.

Royal Mail has commissioned a study of the most desirable postcodes to live in England, Scotland and Wales to mark the 40th anniversary of the allocation of postcodes to every address in Britain.

Yateley and Church Crookham were ranked second and sixth respectively among England’s top 10 desirable postcode areas.

Councillor Gerry Crisp, mayor of Yateley, said it was great to be recognised as "silver medalists" and described the town as a "jewel in the crown".

He said: “Yateley Common Country Park provides a great natural habitat for leisure walks, the town sports the best of village greens, hosting the ever popular Gig on the Green, excellent restaurants, shops, pubs and churches and even its own airport, plus the famous Blackbushe Sunday Market.

“We have high-achieving schools and businesses and great voluntary organisations supporting many worthy causes, including Pride of Yateley Awards.

“Low crime rates and unemployment, all contribute to make Yateley such a great place to live.”

The study by the Centre for Economic and Business Research calculated the most desirable postcodes based on a range of factors including employment opportunities, health, education, crime rates and housing affordability.

Cllr Andy Whitaker, member of Yateley Town Council and former mayor of the town, said: “Yateley is a green and pleasant place to live.

“I think it is healthy to have nature around you and we all have access to the countryside within five minutes.

“We have Yateley Common on our doorstep, plus the Blackwater river and conservation area.”

Good facilities

Situated less than one hour from Reading, Winchester, Southampton, Guildford and London, employment outside the town was accessible, Cllr Whitaker added.

Cllr Adrian Collett, who represents Yateley at Hampshire County Council, said he was not surprised with the survey results.

“It was obvious when I first moved to Yateley in the 1970s that this was a great place to live,” Cllr Collett said. “At the heart of the town is Yateley Green, which is meticulously cared for by the town council. It is large and open, not like a park but more substantial than that.

“Around the green are some of the older parts of this historic village which give character to Yateley to this day.

“It is why the proposal to build on the Urnfield site would be so damaging, as this would rip the heart out of this beautiful centre of Yateley.”

Also in Hart, Church Crookham is located seven miles from Yateley.

Enclosed on almost every side by protected common lands, residents enjoy walking and mountain biking, yet the village is easily accessible to Fleet town centre.

Cllr John Bennison, who represents Church Crookham at Hampshire County Council, said: “Church Crookham has good facilities, schools and places to walk such as Basingstoke Canal.

“We have Fleet Carnival just around the corner, farmer’s markets, Christmas festivities and various cultural events taking places during the year.

“We have 80 new allotments pitches coming soon to the village.

“As a keen cyclist, I am trying to get cycle routes between Crookham Park and Calthorpe School.”

The survey findings were announced on Monday (August 25). Data was collected by reviewing a number of sources including the 2011 Census, the Department For Communities and Local Government’s Indices of Multiple Deprivation and the Office For National Statistics.