An Aldershot bar has been given permission to stay open till 3.30am, prompting concern over drunken disturbances.

Rushmoor Borough Council's licencing sub-committee decided to allow Yates's in Victoria Street to extend its alcohol serving hours from 2am to 3am on Friday , Saturday and Sunday mornings, and to push back the closing time from 2.30am to 3.30am.

The night spot, owned by the Stonegate Pub Company, was also given permission to move its time of last entry from 12.30am to 1.30am on those nights.

Stonegate argued that there was no evidence that a late closing time contributed to any anti-social behaviour or disturbance of nearby residents.

Speaking on behalf of the pub chain on June 12, solicitor Sarah Taylor said neither the police nor Environmental Health officers had raised any objections and that the company had a 'good reputation' for operating responsibly late into the night.

The premises has been granted three temporary late opening notices over the last few months to host one-off celebrations.

Ms Taylor said each had passed 'without incident'.

However, Councillor Alex Crawford, who represents the Wellington Ward affected, says that few residents had known about the application to extend the licence until after the deadline for submitting comments.

Speaking on behalf of fellow Labour councillor Mike Roberts, Cllr Crawford said the residents of Gordon road, Birchett Road, Elms Road, Wolseley Road and Lysons Road would be particularly badly affected.

"These roads are close enough to Yates's for these residents to be directly affected by Yates's clientele, who cut through the neighbourhood in the early hours of the morning," he said.

"At present, at around 2am or 3am, these residents suffer a succession of small groups in a state beyond drunkenness, screaming and bellowing, swearing and arguing, kicking and jumping onto cars, kicking off wing-mirrors, urinating on houses and into gardens and smashing glasses and bottles.

"This public nuisance would be extended and could be worse because of the extra hour of drinking time."

He added that the 'nuisance' was particularly distressing for the many elderly and the growing number of young families in that neighbourhood.

The committee imposed a condition on the extended licence, meaning no drinks will be served in glass vessels after 11pm.

Stonegate said they expect to start taking advantage of the longer hours in the next two to three weeks.