COULD I please use this paper to contact some lovely people who helped me on April 3 in Beaulieu Gardens, Blackwater.

My cat Bilbo was run over and killed at approximately 4pm that afternoon. Two young girls found his body in Rosemary Lane and knocked on local doors until they found us.

I am very grateful to them but have no idea what their names are or where they live.

Also to Sandra who wrapped him in a towel and sent us a card the next day — I have never met her before, but her compassion was very moving.

To the driver of the vehicle who killed Bilbo, I would like to say this: "Did you realise you had killed someone's pet, or were you going too fast to even notice?"

Lastly, to the local traffic police, when are you going to do something to enforce the 30mph speed limit along this piece of Rosemary Lane?

Since moving here 18 months ago I have only ever seen a policeman with speed detectors once. You may have forgotten the pregnant lady who was killed some years ago, but not everyone has.

Mrs Jo Jenkinson, Beaulieu Gardens, Blackwater.