MY wife and I went yesterday to the selling operation that was set up on Monday December 17 by Barratts Homes to justify their "development" of part of our Conservation Area local park.

The plan is for 139 "dwellings" of various sizes and social types, which are to be created and cemented into this plan and the recommended means of transport for the residents is to be, (get this) — the bicycle!

Can you believe this? How many Dutch people will decide to move to Aldershot? If you think I'm being cynical get out on your bike and take a trip into Aldershot any Saturday or any day for that matter.

The plan is for 0.90* car spaces per house. That's close to the plans for a 1950s development. Come off it Barratts, how many people do you know that do not own or have access to at least one car? Most households have at least one, and more often two, motor cars.

Do Barratts think they can create a new pseudo lifestyle that will not impact on the lifestyle of the local residents?

Do they think it will be an insulated little haven away from the hurly-burly of life around? One could almost imagine a world similar to that created in the TV cult series The Prisoner.

Access to this area is to be via a single road onto Church Lane East opposite Brockenhurst Road at which point a mini-roundabout is to be created.

Barratts Homes propose traffic calming measures between St Michael's Church and St Michael's Road as a sop to the local residents who are already aware of the danger of Church Lane East's speeding traffic. This is the only good point in their scheme, although one wonders why Rushmoor Council could not have done this before.

The single inlet/outlet on Church Lane East will be another potential accident point and fire and ambulance service operators will not welcome the risk of the road to the estate being jammed in the event of an emergency. One carelessly parked vehicle could cause this.

Local residents in the area of Church Lane East are firmly opposed to this new development and will fight tooth and nail to prevent it proceeding. Watch this space!

Fred Macdonald, Southmead Road, Aldershot.

* We understand that the parking ratio per house in the plan is, in fact, 1.5 spaces per dwelling —Editor.