MONTHS of protest against plans for a Sandhurst youth centre have been prolonged even further after a clerical error forced councillors to suspend the planning application.

The controversial plans to build a youth centre by adding an extension to the Coffee Spot in the Memorial Park on Yorktown Road have caused months of endless dispute between councillors and residents.

But councillors were hoping to put the matter to rest by giving residents their long-awaited decision at Sandhurst Town Council's planning committee last Monday.

Dozens of residents turned out to voice their anger against the plans, but in a surprise

turnaround, one resident demanded to know why the planning application was for the use of food and drink and not offices, as intended.

Councillors were forced to admit a minor administration error had been made on the

application form and told residents the decision would have to be deferred.

However, Cllr Bob Piggin, chairman of the planning committee, made it clear to residents that, despite the temporary reprieve, the council would be recommending the youth centre to go ahead when the time came.

He said: "I believe it's (the youth centre) in keeping with the area and it is not obtrusive.

"But there are very clear and strong views put forward by the public at this meeting and I am aware there are some concerns.

"We do take on your very serious concerns.

"I now recommend it's deferred for two weeks."