Survival guides on standby – could Aldershot be bracing itself for a zombie invasion?

A call to arms has been issued for any bloodthirsty brain-munchers in the town to make themselves known.

While details of the potential bloodbath are scant at this stage, don’t rush to arm yourself with a cricket bat, golf club or death ray quite yet.

The whole terrifying ruse would appear to be for a brand new TV show, being shot in the town and other locations across the country this summer.

Facebook page Zombie Extras has been on the look out for undead disciples for months now, but last week its attentions turned to Aldershot.

“Looking for a few people to be extras tomorrow, paying £50 cash from 11am,” read the message.

“Full location given to those that are serious and are available to do this.”

After a barrage of applications, the page later added: “This is now cast but will be filming more next week.

“The production may need people to be extras for the Discovery Channel.”

One applicant, who asked not to be named, contacted the News & Mail to confirm the production was for the Discovery Channel and would be shown in the UK and USA.

They added filming would be taking place ‘next week’ – between August 25 and August 30 – in the town, albeit in an unspecified location.

Rumours that the production could be the work of independent TV production company October Films were dispelled this week, although the company confirmed it was working on an unrelated documentary in empty military buildings in Aldershot.

Aldershot cabbie Gavin de la Hiliniere posted on Facebook that he had ferried a few people believed to be involved with the plot.

He wrote he had been "called a few times" to Cambridge Military Hospital in Aldershot Garrison, where he spotted a variety of US police cars and pick-ups.

The hospital, earmarked for development as part of Project Wellesley, cannot be accessed itself due to issues with asbestos, but neighbouring concrete buildings in Buller Barracks, off Alisons Road, and Montgomery Lines have both been used for scenes.

Alan Chitson, site manager for Grainger – the management company overseeing the mass redevelopment of Aldershot – confirmed that the site was indeed being used for filming.

“It is a film company filming on and off for a television programme in America,” he said.

“It is a bit of an obscure programme and only on a small budget.”